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Additional Offers – Personal Development Gifts And More


Discover the qualities you need to become a high achiever in life in my FREE ebook (worth $49)

In this free eBook, you’ll learn:

  1. 27 Simple qualities that High Achievers use to their advantage.
  2. How to become more effective at achieving goals
  3. Help you become a master in your field
  4. How to avoid the pitfalls of success


This Is Available For:
07Days 00Hours 54Minutes 19Seconds


Grab Your Gifts!

We are committed to your personal growth, and have made available to you the following
eBooks, Audio products and Programs, courtesy of various subject matter experts.

These gifts are available to you at NO COST. Download as many of these LOVELY GIFTS 💝 as you please.

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02Days 01Hours 21Minutes 19Seconds

Do you believe in Angels?

Do you ever feel like certain numbers follow you wherever you go? Like 333 or 11:11?

Maybe you glance at the clock at the exact same time every day?

Or maybe the same repeating digits pop up over and over again on receipts, license plates, addresses, flight information, street signs and in other seemingly coincidental places?

Well, it’s no coincidence, nor is your mind playing tricks on you…

These numbers are very important messages left FOR you.

This Is Available For:
07Days 00Hours 31Minutes 51Seconds

Discovering Vocational Arousal

The transformational power of stepping into your creative potential

This Is Available For:

03Days 00Hours 14Minutes 39Seconds


Barbara Marx Hubbard Presents…  

The Tip of the Tipping Point

The Tipping Point of Human Evolution is Upon Us Now…

Here’s what that means to you…

  • How and why each one of us can effect great change in the world, regardless of our “limitations.”
  • The one thing that unlocks our potential.
  • How you can experience “vocational arousal” and why it matters.
  • Why now is the exact time to move yourself to your personal tipping point.

This Is Available For:
03Days 00Hours 13Minutes 42Seconds

GRAB 5 AUDIOS and articles FOR FREE!

  • Facing an Insurmountable Challenge, What do you do?
  • When Nothing Else Works, How do you find a solution?
  • The Five Whys for Powerful Problem Solving
  • How You Quickly Find Quality Solutions
  • Why Stress Reduce Your Problem Solving Capability

This Is Available For:
05Days 23Hours 38Minutes 08Seconds

Your FREE Astrology Reading

2019 is already shaping up to be BIG in terms of self discovery and personal transformation…

In fact, there’s quite a few astrological transits that are going to be serious turning points for those that are prepared…

That’s why it’s important you see this…

It gives you access to a FREE Astrology Reading, based on your personal information and designed to help you unlock some wonderful opportunities in the coming year.

This Is Available For:
11Days 00Hours 49Minutes 13Seconds

Stunning health breakthroughs (that really work!)

Studies show that we can prevent MOST cases of cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease — just by eating the right foods (and avoiding the wrong ones!).

Want the latest breakthrough insights about food and health?

Join the Food Revolution Summit here — it’s free!

This Is Available For:
15Days 23Hours 27Minutes 53Seconds

Your Free Personal Horoscope  

Complete this free form carefully and you will receive My Personal Horoscope for FREE with my most frank answers and my instructions to guide you and to help you face the future with more serenity to seize every opportunity for success in your life.

Start Getting Happy and Healthy Today!  

A consistent yoga practice could change your life! Not only will you become healthier and stronger physically, you will also rewire your brain to become calmer, more centered + less reactive. It’s time to create your best life!

Join our community of over 220,000 members now!

The Full Audio Crystal Therapy Series !  

34 Audio Crystal Healing Music downloads designed to recreate the healing power of the crystal or mineral.

3 Steps To Cash-Flow Gold & Silver And Create A Passive Income Of 12% To 26.4% Per Year…

Independent Survey Showed It Takes Just 22 Minutes A Month To Achieve The Results Taught In This Workshop:


IsoHypnosis can help you reprogram your mind the same way you reprogram your computer. Using this unique combination of 3D hypnotic sound technique and hypnosis video, you will be able to harness the product’s power to bring about change, effectively and permanently.

Don’t just think about a better life any longer … do it!

Have a look.

Discover the Secret West African Red Tea

A legend said:

An African Shaman possessed an ancient recipe for a delicious red tea so powerful that whoever drank it gained unlimited energy – with no thirst and no hunger.

Have a look.

Technology Enhanced Meditation  

Muse translates your mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather to help you find focused calm. Busy mind? Stormy weather. Calm mind? Peaceful weather.

14 Day Free Trial (YogaWorks)

  •   1,000+ premium YogaWorks classes.
  •   30+ Journey Series collections to help you grow.
  •   40+ professional YogaWorks teachers.
  •   Two week free trial, continue for only $15/mo, cancel anytime.
  •   Practice at your own pace whenever you have time.
  •   Take it on the go – tablet and mobile compatible.  

ATTENTION: For A Very Limited Time Only…  

Claim Your Cosmic Universe pendent Today!

And Get 2 Extra Incredible Bonuses With Your FREE Pendant

(Instant Download Access For Bonuses)

ATTENTION: Energy Healing Seekers…

Get This Incredible ‘Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet’ For FREE Claim Your FREE Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet Now! 

You Deserve A Better Life! Begin With…Introduction To Natural Pain Relief

You’ll Find Everything You Need To…

  • Understand Pain So You May Better Manage It
  • Achieve Authentic Control Of Your Life Again
  • Discover Tools For Natural Pain Management
  • Learn the Barriers To Your Progress
  • Learn The Real Dangers Of Opioids
  • Experience More Success Than You Have Previously


We have developed an Easy System to begin making changes in your life starting today!

You will soon see that, you Do have the power to take charge of unwanted habits… even addictions… and transform your life forever.


If you don’t… get in line… and keep reading because you are in the right place.

You certainly aren’t alone. While the numbers vary, it is widely reported that; 80% Of All People Suffer From Low Self-Esteem.

That is a pretty shocking number. It means that about 8 out of every ten people who are reading this right now are currently suffering from low self-esteem. Low self-confidence is no joking matter. It is a serious issue and by the looks of things, insanely wide spread.

But we have a solution to break the chains of lack of confidence. It’s not by chance that you’re here and we trust that this will be the most important step you have taken to date to take control of your life.

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