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Choose your Hypnosis MP3 Gift

Have you downloaded your FREE Hypnosis MP3 yet?

Just browse the range of audios from Hypnosis Live, then click the one you’d like to download.

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Your VIP Tickets to the NEW Law of Attraction Movie

You’ve seen The Secret. Now it’s time for you to watch the unofficial sequel…

It unveils a simple 5-step manifesting technique for instantly unlocking more abundance and success in your life.

It’s AMAZING. And I’ve got you front-row tickets 🙂

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Two Free Subliminal Albums

Subliminals work by sending thousands of positive little affirmations straight to your subconscious mind, helping to “reprogram” your mind at the deepest possible level.

Today, I’ve teamed up with Subliminal Guru to give you TWO FREE Subliminal MP3 albums — just to remind you how great you are 🙂

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SHOCKING Russian experiments REVEAL secret to brain power

The story is fascinating.

It also sheds light on how you can use this secret method yourself to rocket your own natural genius levels.

Check it out.

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Your Confirmed Hypnosis MP3 Download

Great news today 🙂

I’ve arranged for you to receive a FREE Hypnosis Booster session from the Hypnosis Bootcamp.

Just select the session you’d like — including Confidence, Wealth, the Law of Attraction, Weight Loss and Brain Power.

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Weird app ‘reprograms’ your brain

The science behind this is fascinating. And since I’ve been using this technology, it’s made a big impact on my life.

That’s why I wanted to share it with you today.

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Your FREE Brainwave Shots downloads

Great news.

I’ve arranged for you to receive a FREE Brainwave Shots audio MP3, worth $22.95.

You get to choose ANY of five powerful shots…

Including the Confidence Shot, Relaxation Shot, Euphoria Shot, Learning Shot and more.

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Your Meditation MP3 Download Link

I recently discovered this neat program called Zen12. It’s an audio meditation program like no other.

You don’t have to focus. You don’t have to cross your legs. You don’t even have to try and empty your mind. You just have to listen, and the brainwave audio does the rest.

Zen12 basically… well, it meditates for you 🙂

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Listen to the 7‑Minute Power Audio MP3 That REPROGRAMS Your Brain for Total Confidence!

New “brain programming” audio works automatically. Just listen to install INSTANT confidence & self‑esteem.

Uses powerful NLP techniques. Value $49.95 Yours FREE!

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Unlock the Wealth Hypnosis Experience! Just Listen to This Powerful Audio to “Reprogram” Your Mind for MONEY.

Instantly Unlock the Infamous Audio That Activates Your Abundance Magnetism. All You Have to Do is Listen! Includes Powerful Self-Hypnosis “Reprogramming.”

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