Teen Hero

Teen Hero Stops To Cover Wheelchair-Bound Woman In Hot Sun With Umbrella As She Waited For Bus… is the headline.


Once again a wonderful example of how we should all take care of one another from this teen hero.

This did my heart good, as sometimes people feel that the younger generation is lost.

A lot of us get wrapped up in our own, crazy world. I mean, who can blame us? Between dealing with work, school, kids, partners, friends…things can get pretty busy. It’s hard to stop sometimes, and thinking about doing some good for other people. Regardless how big or small that good deed can be, we find ourselves not really taking the time to do it. Our focus is always on ourselves and our own world. It really is human nature…for the most part. But sometimes, you read about stories that are truly inspiring and are reminders, like the one you’re about to read about.







Read the full story here.

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