7 Unusual Cures For Procrastination

6. Give your friend money. You may have enlisted the assistance of a friend in the past, but did you do it in the most effective way? Instead of telling your friend that you’ll give her $50 if you don’t complete your to-do list by Friday, give her the money upfront. You only get your money back if you’re successful. It changes the dynamic significantly.

7 Unusual Cures For Procrastination

7. Give yourself a big reward. Make completing the task as positive as possible. Instead of viewing a task as painful, you’ll begin to view it as desirable. Promise yourself a day off, a meal at your favorite restaurant, or a massage.

Procrastination occurs when not performing a task is perceived as less miserable than performing the task. Procrastination creates stress, and can even put your employment and relationships at risk. When you procrastinate too much, you ultimately fail to live up to the reasonable expectations of others.

Deal with procrastination by tackling it head on. Dig in your heels and try these strategies. Start today. You’ll discover that you can beat procrastination and get things done.

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