Aug 15 2019 – Weekly Gratitude

My Weekly Gratitude

This week I am grateful for my rural town.

Please let us know what you are grateful for in the comments section!

Living in a rural town might not be your cup of tea, but it calms my soul, opens my heart and relieves my stress… and is my weekly gratitude this week.

People in a small rural area seem to be more connected, care for one another more and lend a helping hand to their fellow human beings. It’s just a little more relaxed way of life.

The city has more to do, but it also has more crime, more addictions, more people that tend to be disconnected and really don’t even know their neighbors much less care what happens to them.

Today, I’m in a quandary because a company wants to bring in a large development. 😟 But instead of being fearful about it ruining my cherished way of life, I will show and express my gratitude and trust that the Universe will resolve to the best outcome.

If you don’t live in a small town or rural area, it doesn’t mean that you can’t behave like you do.

Get to know your neighbors, look out for one another, lend a helping hand to someone in your community and express your gratitude for the feeling of a united community.

Be grateful today, express it and show it to someone else and the Universe. You’ll be surprised how it can change your life.

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