Tough Decisions

Could You Make A Tough Decision To Help?   Tough decisions need to made sometimes. And tough decisions can make people stronger than they might have been without that decision. Although this story is about an amazing young man and his mother that had to…

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Helping Those Who Help

Awesome video we found for our 1st installment of AHHA From BigDaws TV! Remember to pay it forward… always, whenever possible. This helps us feel good, which in turn is helping us in many ways including recovery.

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People Pleasing-Stress and Recovery

People Pleasing And Recovery

People Pleasing – The Addicts Biggest Setback Stress is not good for recovery…One big problem individuals who are excessively stressed out have is the power to say “No” when they need to. Perhaps your mom wants you to take grandmother to the store, but you’re…

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Self Determination For Recovery

Self Determination Tips

How Practicing Helps You – Tips For Self Determination: Practice centering on the bright side of things if you start to feel negative thoughts interfering with your recovery. Rather than busting a gut trying to address several tasks at once, do the most crucial task…

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