Good People Are Everywhere

good people

Lately I’ve been wondering if good people exist worldwide. Then I found this amazing video that proves that there are still good people across the globe. It touched my heart. We should all try to be more compassionate to all of our fellow human beings,…

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Tapping Into Spirituality

Spirituality Explained

Is Spirituality The Answer? Times are changing in the world we live in. Hate, evil and disorder seem to be taking over by storm. We’ve all seen the stories on the news about the heinous acts that take place on a daily basis all around…

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Powerful Tips For A Great Start In Recovery

Recovering Addict

A New Life In Recovery As with anything else in life, the longer you work with your recovery, the easier it will become. However, the beginning stages can feel somewhat like a nightmare. The worst part being the fact that it’s far from your average…

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Teen Hero

Teen Hero Stops To Cover Wheelchair-Bound Woman In Hot Sun With Umbrella As She Waited For Bus… is the headline. Once again a wonderful example of how we should all take care of one another from this teen hero. This did my heart good, as…

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